“Don’t Spend One More Night Worrying About Your Neighbor From Hell”





“Their fence fell over months ago. They just leave it there.”


“They get drunk and fight all the time. I’m afraid he’s going to hurt her.”


“They blast that awful music . My walls thump and the windows shake.”


“Their dog barks all the time. And they don’t take care of the poor thing.”


“She sunbathes naked in the backyard and the whole neighborhood sees.”


“Punks come and go all night long. I think they’re dealing drugs.”


“The broken down cars, the trash piled up, the weeds. It’s a mess.”


“I’ve called the police, I’ve called the city, and they don’t do anything.”





Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve seen the “horror” stories about bad neighbors…

Some of them are vicious, horrible, deplorable, nasty people.

Maybe YOU are living through your own “neighbor from hell” story right now.

You know what?

You Don’t Have To!




Now YOU Can Do Something About It!

My friend, I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there. And it was a nightmare.

For the first couple of years, life in our cozy little cul-de-sac was almost perfect. What a difference from the apartment we had in the city! And then the house next door sold.

The couple that moved in seemed nice enough at first but that didn’t last long.

They liked to party hard and late and loud. Look, once in a while, I’m okay; I’m not some old prude. But every night until 2 or 3… it got to be too much.

My kids would wake up, my wife and I couldn’t get to sleep. I’d feel like crap the next day… every day.

I’m not the type to call the cops much but I had to do something. I thought first talking to them neighborly like would help.

And it did… for about a week.

And then it all started back up.

The police got there a few minutes after I called them. I could see them talking to the husband on the front porch. He looked pissed. After a while the cops left and I was able to get some sleep.



And then the trouble REALLY started.

The next day, my wife called me at work. She was SO upset. While she was putting our kids in the car the woman next door ran out on the porch, yells out,“Hey!” and flips my wife off.


The parties got later…

The music got louder…

Their friends got fouler…

Their yard got trashier…

Their lawn and weeds got longer…

They chained their barking Rottweiler on the side next to my house…

It got so bad that my wife and kids were afraid to go outside in our own yard!

I tried talking to them and I got flipped off.

I tried calling the police and I got blown off.

I tried going to the city and I got put off.

I even tried talking to the other neighbors but they were afraid to get involved. Our nice little cul-de-sac was quickly turning into someplace we didn’t want to be!

We didn’t want to move but we didn’t want to live like that!



“We Were Prisoners In Our Own Home!”




I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

And today?

My family sleeps through the night, every night.

My neighbors wave and even smile when they see us.

I don’t go to work worrying about what’s going on at home when I’m gone.

Police cars rarely are seen on our street anymore.

All of the neighbors are looking out for one another, especially the older ones.

We feel safe letting our kids play in the yard.

My wife is growing vegetables on the side of the house next to the neighbor’s dog run.

(Yes, the Rottweiler is still there but he hardly ever barks.)

We even had a “block party” 4th of July.

And our “partying” neighbors bar-b-qued for everyone!

We’ve got our great neighborhood back, even better than before!

And you can too!

Look, if you’re on this page I’ll bet right now that YOU have got a “neighbor from hell” that’s making YOUR life hell.

Am I right?

Like I said before, I’ve been there, done that and I know exactly what you’re going through. Believe me when I tell you…

YOU Don’t Have To Be A Prisoner In Your Home!

Based on my experience and from spending many hours researching and interviewing legal, civil and civic experts on the subject, I’ve put together a special report just for dealing with your “neighbor from hell” problems.

I call it…

Neighbor Solution

Neighbor Solution walks you step-by-step through the most effective techniques in taking your neighborhood and your life back!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

How to communicate with bad neighbors, the right way
How to write letters to authorities
How to and when to contact the police
How to document your neighbor’s bad behavior
How to deal with harassment of your family
How to quiet late night parties and still be friends

No, I can’t give you legal advice nor can I guarantee that you’ll have the same good results I had with my neighbors. But I can guarantee that if you do nothing…

Things will probably get worse!

Living with rude, noisy, abusive, harassing neighbors takes a terrible toll on your family, emotionally and physically.

The long-term effects of living in an environment that is unfriendly, unsafe and often dangerous can be devastating. For children especially, the consequences are often tragic.

Don’t Allow Your “Neighbor From Hell” To Put Your Children Through Hell!

In Neighbor Solution you’ll find out…

How you should NOT react to verbally abusive or violent neighbors
How to close down the “meth” house next door
How to deal with their “out of control” children
How to get drug dealers out of the neighborhood
How to handle loud music
How to react to local vandals

Bad neighbors can come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Sometimes they don’t even realize they’ve become your “neighbor from hell.”

For your family’s health and well-being, your property value and your peace of mind you know you need to do something; sooner rather than later.

In Neighbor Solution you’ll learn tactful, respectful and effective ways handle it. Like…

How to get them to clean up their yard
How to settle parking disputes
How to approach property encroachment issues
How to contact authorities about health and safety violations
How to deal with their trees and bushes hanging into your yard
How to deal with the “hoarders” next door

Looking back on it now, I’ll admit that sometimes things got down right ridiculous between the neighbors and me.

Although it sure wasn’t funny at the time, some of what went down could have come right out of a prime time TV comedy.

Your neighbor’s annoying habits might not drive down your property values, but they can be… well… annoying!

In Neighbor Solution you’ll find out…

How to quiet their barking dogs
How to get rid of their junk cars
How to get naked sunbathers to cover up
How to keep your newspaper from being stolen
How to keep their dog’s poop out of your yard
How to get them to pick up their garbage cans from the curb

Look, YOUR neighbor problems might be just mildly irritating or your family’s welfare and safety might be threatened.

Either way, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NOW before it gets worse… before something tragic occurs in your neighborhood or your own home.

Now YOU Can Do Something About It!

You don’t have to move
You don’t have to put up a huge fence
You don’t have to keep the kids inside
You don’t have to stay awake at night
You don’t have to be subjected to their loud music
You don’t have to be afraid to walk outside

YOU Don’t Have To Be A Prisoner In Your Home!

Order this Special Report right now.

Neighbor Solution


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You won’t find a better price anywhere else for such a complete guide with over 50 pages of detailed instructions.

Furthermore, with each purchase, we provide full live support.
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Neighbor Solution comes in an electronic form, after you order, you get immediate access to the ebook, no waiting, no shipping fees!

I know people that have spent thousands of dollars on security systems.

I know others that spent thousands of dollars on fencing, shrubbery and sound proofing.

I’ve seen people pay thousands of dollars in attorney and legal fees.

And I know many, many people that lost thousands of dollars in property value but felt like they had no choice other than to move out of their home.

You do have a choice.

You don’t have to move.

And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to solve your bad neighbor problems.


You could do nothing.

And what would change?

Will your “neighbor from hell” see the light?

Have a change of heart?

Apologize for their behavior?

Clean up their yard?

Bring you cookies?

(I hope you’re very good at holding your breath.)

Or will you continue feel “trapped” and threatened and fearful as a “prisoner” in your own home?

Or worse.

Please, don’t live like this one day more.

Order your Special Report today.

Neighbor Solution

When you click “Order Now” you’ll get an Instant Download of my complete report packed with proven, effective methods on dealing with your nasty neighbors.

Again, I’m not a lawyer and THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results that myself and so many others have that have followed the guidelines in this report.

But what I can do is offer you a…

Download and read the report. Try out some of what you’ll learn in it for up to 60 days.

I’m convinced you will see a difference.

But if for some reason you are not completely happy with the report…

If you’re certain it won’t be of any value to you…

And that your “neighbor from hell” problems will never go away…

And you’ll just have to live with it…

Just say the word and we’ll give you back all of your money.

No questions asked.

I am that convinced you will see a difference…

Or you pay absolutely nothing.

Try it out RISK FREE for 60 Days and see for yourself.

You’ve really got nothing to lose here and A LOT to gain.

Go ahead and click the button right now and read the Special Report tonight.

This is a one-time payment, you’ll never be re-billed for anything (I already told you I wasn’t an attorney.)

And it is completely RISK FREE.

You can get a good night’s sleep.

You don’t have to move away.

You don’t need to feel trapped in your own home.

And you can start changing it all…


Order this Special Report right now.


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